lakeside michigan cottage

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Lakeside Michigan zoning regulations required that the renovated cottage re-use the existing foundation and not go outside the existing cottage's 3 dimensional envelope.
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Per Lakeside Michigan zoning regulations, the renovated cottage re-used the existing foundation. Earth around the foundation and the lower level concrete slab were temporarily removed to add a new interior & exterior drainage system.
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The renovated cottage includes within its 900 square feet: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living, dining, and a surround sound home theater loft. The cottage's interior is filled with custom built-in furniture made necessary by the smaller than average room sizes.
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View of the cottage from ravine below w./outdoor shower & beach access boardwalk in foreground.
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Cottage & outdoor shower close-up. Landscape stairs/treads/risers constructed of re-used tree trunks from trees replaced during construction.
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Interior view of living and dining area with home theater loft above. Tulikivi fireplace in foreground. Smaller than average interior rooms necessitated custom built-in furniture throughout. Furniture and interior trim is solid douglas fir. Built-in furniture pieces were fabricated by a local cabinetmaker and installed by th general contractor.
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Side tables in foreground designed/fabricated by architect as gift to homeowner. Wood for tables was locally sourced. Wood and aluminum were finished with non-petroleum based tung oil and wax finishes.
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Master bedroom built-in armoire & dresser. Solid douglas fir w./limestone top & stainless steel pulls.
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The built-in queen sized bed with integral headboard and side tables is 1 ½" wider and 1 ½" longer than mattress. Box-spring and mattress are supported by wood slats located just above the floor below to keep mattress surface as low as possible to enhance the proportions of the room in relation to its furnishings.
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Integral headboard and side-table close-up/detail. Solid douglas fir w./limestone top & stainless steel pulls.
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The cottage's loft takes advantage of 360 degree views of Lake Michigan, sand dunes and its wooded site by via custom triangular windows to the east, west, north and south. Daytime views are maintained by housing a large flatscreen television inside a custom cabinet. At night at the click of a remote's button, the cottage's loft space transforms into a home theater space with surround sound speakers and stereo system.
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The cottage's ceiling is made up of glue-laminated beams, custom metal beam connections and structural tongue & groove pine boards.