winnetka illinois residence

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Addition to and renovation of 1930's Tudor home. Image includes original garage (on left), portion of 1970s addition (center) and new construction (on right). Design concept was to blur line between these 3 house histories. Existing and new dormers were re-clad in wood siding and shake shingles. Chicago common brick was recovered from demolished buildings in the Chicagoland area and selected to match the Chicago common brick used on the original house and its 1970's flat roof addition. The flat roof of the kitchen addition was retained to act as a knuckle or connection between the sloped roofs of the original house and the sloped roofs of the new family room and 2 car garage.
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Client desired an addition that was nearly indistinguishable from the original, but also wanted a large light filled space for family gatherings that had a modern or contemporary feel which would not be at odds with the existing Architecture. Detail view of North elevation, drive-way & side entry to addition and renovation. Chicago common brick, painted cedar, stucco & wood shake roof detailed to match original house.
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A combination of insect infestation and poor placement resulted in the removal of two significant trees prior to construction. To accommodate the homeowner's attachment to their trees, trees were sent to a local sawmill after removal.
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Trees were sawn into boards and dried in a local sawyer's saw mill and lumber drying facility. The spraypainted letter "T" identifies the client's trees awaiting sawing and kiln drying. Once dried, the ash boards were surfaced by a local cabinetmaker and used as interior trim and as cladding on the new family room's beams. Honey locust tree stumps were used as solid wood side tables.
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South elevation view of addition shows, from left to right, two car garage with loft storage above, two story family room with custom operable skylight, and existing house/kitchen.
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Family room interior north elevation with painted birch plywood custom shelving units to either side of Indiana limestone fireplace surround. Wood-burning fireplace is by Isokern. Painted solid wood trim profiles were cut to match existing. Solid ash beam enclosures & window trims were made using ash trees recovered from site, sawn into boards and dried in local kiln prior to final finishing. Recovered Chicago common brick chimney is brought into the interior to tie interior to exterior via its unique texture and color.
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Interior image shows matching Indiana limestone floor and fireplace surround. The two-story natural light filled interior is a unique space not found in the original house and specifically requested to be part of the new addition. Limestone, wood trim, custom casework details and hardware walk a fine line between a contemporary and traditional aesthetic which the homeowner pursued throughout the entire house both in its Architecture and interior furnishings.