furnerector side table

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Design Indeterminacy: Furnerector Table is an exploration of the idea of indeterminate outcome. How might I design a functional object whose final form & aesthetic are beyond my design control. The project's 4 perforated metal legs, aluminum, and stainless steel hardware allow for “urban wood” components to be rearranged, added, subtracted & altered over time. The possible future permutations are nearly infinite and depend on the final user's preferences both today and tomorrow.

Urban wood for this table is white oak recovered from Reed Kepler Park trees which were damaged or felled during a storm July 2, 2012. Wood finish is a hand applied and rubbed water based polyurethane. The legs are perforated anodized aluminum, the table-top stand-offs are also anodized aluminum tubing and all fasteners are stainless steel.

Design indeterminacy is seen as the antithesis of what I was taught as an architecture student and architect, i.e. I arrive at a final design, I make a set of construction drawings and the project is built as drawn. Design indeterminacy grows out of my interest in vernacular architecture and vernacular architecture's tradition of multiple generations, continuously adding onto and altering structures over time. 

Recently, I have watched many of my architectural projects get altered, renovated and/or modified without my input. As an architect, I have completed projects that have altered the work of previous architects with my only having the vaguest of clues as to what the original architect might have intended. Alteration, renovation and modification can remain “out of the control” of the architect/designer or the architect/designer can make future alteration, renovation and modification part of the initial design. By making alteration, renovation and modification part of the original design and providing future change-makers clues, invitations and/or encouragements for the future, I am hoping that my work will have a longer life whether it lives on in its original form or a future form anticipated by me, the works original designer.