furnerector powered side table

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(for additional background on “design indeterminacy” visit furnerector lamp)

Furnerector Furniture explores the possibility that just as software can be updated, improved, given additional and/or different functionality, so too can the physical components that typically act as a fixed support or scaffold be altered, added, and subtracted.

A system of consistently dimensioned and spaced holes is introduced into a variety of materials allowing components of various sizes, proportions and materials to come together to function in a particular way for a finite amount of time. When the function is in need of change and/or adaptation to a new user, environment, or time parts can be rearranged, removed and/or replaced.

The “kit of parts” is never complete. New components can be added and subtracted over time as needed.

Although the Furnerector Furniture project began as a light fixture, in more recent iterations the system’s scalability has been tested by exploring the possibility of additional functions. The, recently designed and fabricated, Furnerector Powered Side Table incorporates a concealable surge suppressor and a surface of storage bins dimensioned to house an iphone and its various accessories. Should the surge suppressor, iphone and/or iphone accessories ever become irrelevant, the top can be reconfigured or replaced.

The material coolness of the perforated aluminum vertical elements and white acrylic perforated panels is contrasted with the warmth of walnut perforated structural components and spalted maple perforated and non-perforated storage elements. The thinness and natural drape of white leather intentionally contrasts with the linearity and thickness of wood and metal.