cb2 chop chop table

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Design, Resource & Produce Locally…Disseminate, Reveal & Provoke Globally

Today, a one-person Architecture/Design office can be simultaneously regional, national and international. Architecture/Design can be as much a process as a product. Sitting alone in my office I can coordinate, via telephone, Skype, e-mail and websites, between source, fabricator, packager, distributor and customer.

Academic and professional research into uses of urban wood led to a project for retailer Crate & Barrel/CB2. Research incorporated into a classroom setting looked at the viability of transforming recycled urban wood into functionally beautiful objects. The CB2 Chop Chop Table explored modern design with an emphasis on process. Using only trees harvested seasonally due to the effects of wind, damage and age. The CB2 Chop Chop Table not only reduced demand on our nation’s (non-urban) forests, all required materials and services were sourced, fabricated, packaged and distributed within the Chicago metropolitan area minimizing the carbon footprint between the tree source, mill, production and distribution.

(Research that went into the teaching of the course and the development of the process that led to the Crate & Barrel/CB2 Chop Chop Table project was presented as a paper at the ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture) Fall Meeting, Houston, Texas 2011. See local global for research related to this product.